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SUPER MAXIMO is characterized by its original design that allows it to maintain a very light weight. You can use it during a long day of detection and you will not notice the extra weight of a search coil of this size.

It improves the performance of a standard coil with respect to depth in more than 40% and provides an extra 20% in ground coverage.

SUPER MAXIMO is totally waterproof, its body is made with a mixture of Epoxi resin and an extra component that together make up the best material of the market in terms of hardness and flexibility. In addition, its housing has an special coating to prevent damages from UV rays.

SUPER MAXIMO provides an excellent stability in areas of high salinity and in all types of terrain.

Compatible with:

  • Fisher F5
  • Fisher F11
  • Fisher F19
  • Fisher F22
  • Fisher F44
  • Fisher Gold Bug Pro
  • Garrett ACE 150
  • Garrett EUROACE
  • Garrett ACE 200i
  • Garrett ACE 250
  • Garrett ACE 300i
  • Garrett ACE 400i
  • Makro Racer
  • Makro Racer 2
  • Nokta Impact
  • Teknetics Omega 8000/8500
  • Teknetics G2
  • Teknetics Gamma 6000
  • Teknetics Delta 4000
  • Teknetics Alpha 2000
  • Teknetics Eurotek
  • Teknetics Eurotek Pro
  • White´s MXT
  • White´s M6
  • White´s DFX
  • White´s SPECTRA VX3
  • White´s SPECTRA V3i