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This story begins in 2010 when two entrepreneurs, Francisco Cañadillas and Eduardo Constantinescu, fanatics of metal detectors came together to shape a common enterprise “HISPANIA Technologies”

Francisco Cañadillas (Electronic Technician), with more than 30 years practicing this hobby (Metal detection), former distributor of the brand Whites (USA) in Spain and owner of “Detectores Cañadillas store” located in Córdoba city, where to sell several brands, repairs all kinds of metal detectors.

Eduardo Constantinescu (Electronic Engineer), with more than 20 years practicing metal detection, owner of his own repair shop where all brands and models pass by his hands and developer of own metal detectors (VLF and Impulses).

In 2011, they decided to manufacture their first metal detector, baptized with the name of HISPANIA HT ONE.

During that year, they had to go through many obstacles, such as achieving legalization, registering the brand and making customized pieces to assemble the new detector.

The HISPANIA HT ONE exceeded all the expectations of these two entrepreneurs, having sold all the units manufactured initially.

It was a detector aimed at achieving greater depth compared to the high-end detectors that dominated the market at that time.

Two years later (2013) and after testing with different prototypes, it was decided to manufacture the HT ONE PRO model, where greater emphasis was placed on recovery speed, simplicity and depth.

Once again, success had been present, demand had increased exponentially throughout the Spanish territory and several units had already been sold in countries such as Italy, Greece and Romania.

In 2016, two new models are launched, the first of them directed towards the search for gold, called MAXIMO GOLD and the second with the name of MAXIMO PRO.

The MAXIMO GOLD operated in a frequency of 14 kHz, without LED screen and the MAXIMO PRO, which did have a small LED screen.

Both models had adjustable telescopic carbon fiber bars, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and with the search coil “MAXIMO” at first, and then installed the new model “SUPER MAXIMO”.

The Spanish market, after knowing the proper functioning of these detectors, began to demand the search coils created for these last two models and thus began with the manufacture of the coil model called “MAXIMO”.

A robust and lightweight coil at the same time, with size of 33x27cm (13 “x11”) and compatible with several brands and models.

The increase in the rate of manufacture and sale of the coil “MAXIMO” led to think of a new model, lighter and with a different design, adapting it to the new market demand.

HISPANIA Tech. opted for a size of 34cm (13.5 “) also double” D “as his brother “MAXIMO”, and today we could assure that it is the most sold coil in the Spanish market.

In 2018, the decision was made to begin the manufacture of the “ORION” model, initially used for the HT ONE detector model, with the aim of covering the demand of a plate that could replace a coil of origin that has failed and with a more affordable price.

Also in 2018, the company HISPANIA Tech. with the aim of expanding its product catalog, completes the acquisition of BLACKDOG Detectors, thus integrating the manufacture of the well-known coil of the same brand, renamed “HISPANIA BLACKDOG”.

Since 2010, the year in which this story began to this day, the company HISPANIA Technologies has never abandoned its traditional manufacturing.

All its coils are calibrated and tested one by one to achieve maximum quality so that the user can experience the satisfaction of purchasing a coil tailored to their detection needs.