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  • Under warranty is understood free repair / replacement of the product when it is out of order if that occurred through the fault of Hispania Tech.
  • A Hispania Tech. product that fails due to a manufacturing defect which occurred during molding process will be replaced. A replacement product will be shipped after the defective product has been received.
  • WARRANTY PERIOD for Hispania Tech. coils is 3 YEARS from the date of purchase.
  • The guarantee is valid only if the original or a copy of the purchase or delivery receipt is presented at the time of claiming the right to guarantee the product.
  • Repair / replacement of the product is produced exclusively by Hispania Tech..

Hispania Tech. reserves the right to withdraw the product from the guarantee in the event of :

  • Lack of the invoice or delivery receipt.
  • Corrections in the invoice or delivery receipt.
  • Inconsistencies of serial numbers of the product with the numbers listed in the invoice or delivery receipt.
  • Presence of mechanical damage on the body of the product in the form of chips. cracks, impact marks.
  • Presence of chemical or thermal damage.
  • Lack of the serial number on the product.
  • Dismantling or repairing the product by non-Hispania Tech. employees.
  • A product becoming defective due to abrasives (sand, rocks, gravel, etc.) impacting the item’s housing doesn’t fall under repair warranty.

Warranty claim procedure:

Please send your request in advance to the mailing address: with a description of the problem that you are experiencing (what works incorrectly or does not work at all). You will receive an answer with a warranty service address to ship your HISPANIA Tech.-branded product to.

Please print and fill out the warranty claim form. This form must be included in the package sent for warranty service. This step is necessary for those cases where a postcard item with sender details written is damaged during transportation or warranty service employees want to clarify some issues related to your warranty claim.

Please note that you ship your Hispania Tech.-branded product for warranty service at your expense and Hispania Tech. will ship the product back to you, at Hispania Tech.’s expense.

If you send your Hispania Tech. product for service without a copy of its invoice/delivery receipt or after a warranty period has expired, repairs will be carried out on a paid basis. You will be advised of the cost of work via e-mail. Repair work will not be commenced until we receive your approval for maintenance service to be provided on a fee-paying basis.

PLEASE NOTE: When completing the postal form for shipping your product for warranty service abroad, please specify the item value of no more than US $ 100 or € 100.